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Understanding Jewelry Wire

Solid wire. Coated wire. Jewelry wire. Craft wire. What’s the difference?! There are so many different types of wire on the market that it can be hard to figure out what type of wire works best for the kind of heirloom-quality jewelry that you want to make. And that’s where my free guide to jewelry wire comes in. Let me help you figure out exactly which type of wire will work best for your particular needs.

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This full color printable bench reference is packed with useful information about all things jewelry wire.

  • Where I shop for my own jewelry wire,
  • Why I use solid copper wire almost exclusively,
  • And how I determine which wire gauges to use for each project.

Wendi’s tutorials have gone straight to my ‘most holy’ collection of references. The tips are just as useful and solid as the design itself.

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I’m wendi

And I’m passionate about helping you make beautiful wire jewelry.

Do you know that the success and longevity of every jewelry project ultimately depends on choosing the right type of jewelry wire before you even pick up your tools? I’m here to help you learn to make the best choices so your handmade jewelry will last a lifetime. The first step to making heirloom-quality jewelry is understanding exactly what you’re looking for in a jewelry wire, why those qualities are important, and where to shop for high quality wires that won’t let you down.

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