About Wendi, the Wire Weaver Behind Door 44

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Hi! I’m Wendi. The wife, stepmom, copper jewelry lover, novice crocheter, and all around DIY-obsessed crazy plant lady behind Door 44 Studios.

A very wise friend once told me that life begins at 40. I suppose that makes me a late bloomer because my life finally began to really flourish the year I turned 44. It was almost as if a previously locked door opened up for me that year. My world suddenly became fuller, richer, and a lot more interesting. In case you’re wondering, that’s where the name Door 44 comes from.

I’m a life-long maker who’s dabbled in everything from stained glass to needle arts through the years. But my true love is designing and making wire jewelry. You might already be familiar with Door 44 Jewelry, which I still sell on Etsy in limited quantities.

The Evolution of Door 44

My first Etsy business grew at an alarming rate. It soon became clear that I couldn’t keep up with the demand for my jewelry without hiring help. I prefer to fly solo, though. So I quickly realized that the business of making and selling finished jewelry isn’t for me.

You can learn more about how I pivoted my business in this post. In the meantime, suffice it to say that I’ve taken a very different approach to sharing my work.

What I’ve learned through my own wire weaving journey over the past twelve years is this. I chose an art form that’s unnecessarily inaccessible to newcomers in a lot of ways. The top wire-wrap artists in the world keep their knowledge close. Some of them teach, but their classes are quite expensive and require traveling to a different state. Or even different countries. Many wire artists produce written tutorials for sale. But I was disappointed in so many of the tutorials that I purchased as a novice wire-wrapper. Eventually, I just stopped buying them.

I took a year-long sabbatical from all things wire weaving after closing my Etsy shop. And I taught myself to crochet while I contemplated the future of Door 44 Jewelry. That’s how I discovered an amazingly open and friendly community of crochet bloggers. They happily share their crochet patterns and knowledge online. For FREE! These crochet bloggers have a very different approach to teaching and sharing their work. And I love that approach. It just feels right for me. So I’m working to replicate that model for teaching and sharing wire weaving tutorials and patterns.

About Door 44 Designs

I’m not the typical wire artisan. My designs are more modern and a lot less complicated than a lot of wire jewelry designs that you might have seen before. I love the look of heavily layered wire-wrapped jewelry. And I respect the amount of time and skill it takes to create those kinds of pieces. My personal style is pretty simple and casual, though. And my jewelry designs tend to follow that same simple and casual aesthetic.

I’m a Colorado native currently living in Colorado Springs — one of the most gorgeous cities in the state. If our paths ever cross, you’ll likely find me wearing jeans, boots, and a sweater that I probably crocheted myself. And, of course, jewelry. I nearly always wear jewelry.

I’m also highly prone to taking impromptu day hikes on a sunny morning. And I routinely wade into waist-high weeds to capture a photo of something that catches my eye. The jewelry that I wear needs to stand up to my active lifestyle. So I strive to create jewelry that is just as at home in nature as I am.

What Does Door 44 Have to Offer?

That brings me to what Door 44 Studios is all about. My designs have clean and simple lines, which makes them very accessible and achievable projects for aspiring wire weaving artists. There aren’t a lot of wire weavers out there who are willing to teach the fundamental skills of wire work. And there are few (that I know of) who share their knowledge openly.

I suppose you could say that I’m filling a gap in the foundation skills area of wire weaving. What you’ll find at Door 44 are basic wirework tutorials. These are projects that will help you gain confidence and build up your wireworking skills. Next, you’ll find more advanced wire weaving tutorials. Those projects will get your creative juices flowing and help you master basic design and structural engineering concepts.

While I’m at it, I’ll also be sharing my favorite wirework tools and resources and some useful jewelry business resources. Just in case you’d like to start your own jewelry business someday. There’s definitely a need for more jewelry bloggers out here on the old World Wide Web! Just saying…

Thank You!

Thanks so much for stopping by. And please feel free to browse, explore, discover, and learn. I encourage you to share some of your own tips and tricks in the comments, if you like. Let’s build a collaborative community of jewelry makers.

You’ll always find free tutorials here on my blog. But be sure to favorite my Etsy shop for the latest ad-free printable PDF tutorials as well. And I’d love to see what you’ve made and hear your ideas and suggestions for new tutorials and blog posts. So, be sure to connect with me @door44studios on PinterestInstagram, and Facebook.

xo, Wendi

Copper and Gemstone Ancestor Pendants - Design by Wendi Reamy of Door 44 Studios